Electronic cigarette mouthpiece or cartridge

Electronic Cigarette Mouthpiece

by admin on April 17, 2011

The mouthpiece is usually a small disposable plastic container with openings on each end. It often houses an absorbent, sponge-like material saturated with the liquid solution to be vaporized. The mouthpiece is constructed so that the vapor produced can flow past the solution container and reach the user’s mouth.

When the liquid in the cartridge has been depleted, the user can generally choose between refilling it, or replacing it with another pre-filled cartridge.
As an alternative to the traditional plastic mouthpiece, some manufacturers have created dedicated mouthpieces just for dripping, such as Super-T manufacturing’s stainless steel T-Tip drip tip.

Some users forgo the use of cartridges and “drip” liquid directly onto the atomizer, in a method that has aptly come to be known as “dripping”. Some manufacturers have responded to this practice by creating special mouthpieces that are intended primarily to ease use by the dripping method.

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